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Death Note L and the Wammy boys Anime t Death note
Group Photo Wammy Boys (Death Note)
Death Note - L and the Wammy boys
Wammy boys. L, Near, Mello, Matt. Death Note
Death Note-Pour Some Sugar on Me-The Wammy Boys!
(L x Daughter!Reader x Mello) a trip to japan by MarieBONESYcrow on DeviantArt
Death Note character. NearDeathNote.JPG
Death Note images L on parade with the wammy boys wallpaper and background photos
L from Death Note by escafan ...
Death Note the Musical SPOOF! 09- Wammy Boys' Argument (parody of Stepsisters' Lament)
Wammy House Kids - Deathnote Manga Love, Death Note L, Reading Online, Naruto
death note, L, and mello image
Wammy House Kids - L - Deathnote
L talks to Wammy's House children - (Death Note Relight 2: L's Successors)
L Matt Mello Near Beyond xD Wammy Boys'!
Beyond Birthday and L: L is After Beyond Birthday
DEATH NOTE download DEATH NOTE image
L's twin. he's got Shinigami eyes (though the Debatte continues over HOW he has
Whenever I say my favourite characters in Death Note are the Wammy boys no one knows who I'm talking about!
The lost boys of Death Note. Well, my one year anniversary ...
The character design of Teru Mikami was modeled on Taro Kagami from the pilot, although the style of his hair during adulthood seems more disheveled.
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Watari Death Note anime
Near download Near image
Ask Death Note
This world is sad, you're born and die alone. ~L
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Death Note
Death Note. (L x Reader x Light)
No matter how gifted, You alone cannot change the world ~L
Death Note: L, Change the WorLd
Death Note Facts Death Note Quillsh Wammy
The SIMS 4 CAS: Wammy Boys (Death Note)
Death Note Guys! images Wammy Boys HD wallpaper and background photos
Death Note fond d'écran entitled Death Note
Near Uses The Death Note
If you have to ask me who my favorite is, it would have to be Near. Most people don't like him because, well he kind of replaced L and everybody loves L. ...
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Whammy Boys photo Lnearmellomatt.jpg
Whenever I say my favourite characters in Death Note are the Wammy boys no one knows who I'm talking about!
beyond birthday death note deathnote · Burn It Down
My Neighbor Totolo T-Shirt Anime Spirited Away One Piece Death Note Kimi no Na
Wammy Boys Wallpaper by Shadow-Tactician-VI ...
Death Note - Vol. 3
Light Gets Reincarnated As A S... is listed (or ranked) 1 Photo: Death Note: ...
“L the Wammy's House”, L File no.
List of character iq's from death note.. (made by me), lemme know what you think ...
Kira vs L
Wammy kids for sale??? DeAtH nOtE <== I'LL TAKE NEAR! ;D
Oh Du mean from death note? He's
Death Note x reader: Wammy's boys [Discontinued]
Character Description: Mail Jeevas
Asking questions like "Why doesn't Light look ...
Death Note Japanese Animation Cartoon Anime Poster (a) - Choose your size - A4/A3/A2
Near L Mask Death Note
Watari. Franchise: Death Note
Death Note Who out of the Wammy kids do you believe was truly the most intelligent? (don't be biased)
Death Note: Another Note - The Los Angeles BB Murder Cases
Death Note Vol. 4 Standard
L Death Note L Death Note - Women's T-Shirt
... Mail Jeevas (Death Note)
Items You'll Need
Death Note Meme 7
[Full Video] Korean Death Note: The Musical 2015 [Eng Sub]
I won't babble on and on about this anime, but I will say that the writer/author was a freakin genius. This anime, in order for it to be what it is, ...
Does anyone else watch death note? Who's your favourite Character, mine's L.
Drawn dice death note #15
Death Note L bookmark
{Wammy Boys} - Death Note Rp - |open!|
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L Death Note Art Print
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Mello ~ "It's not just the notebook I'm after. I wanna eliminate my competition. I will be the best. I don't care what it takes. I'll beat Near by any means ...
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Credit to the artist . #deathnote #anime #manga
near, mello, and death note image
Death Note ( @keehlawliet )
Raye Penber[edit]
Death Note: Wammy's Side by J-Melmoth
Death Note Credit to the artist . . #deathnote #anime #manga #lightyagami
Watari / W / Quillish Wammy ...
Another Note: I am aware that most of the lead characters had mental illnesses which go a long way in shaping their personalities.
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L: The Wammy's House/One Day
Wammys house (death note rp) ACCCEPTIN~
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