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Makise Kurisu Psychological Time Travel Steinsgate t
Cool Steins;Gate wallpaper
Anime picture with steins;gate makise kurisu amane suzuha sakai kyuuta long hair tall image blue eyes open mouth highres brown hair girls yellow eyes scan ...
Makise Kurisu
It seriously looks deathly hot there. Kurisu looks like she's dying Picture Search Engine,
Anime picture with steins;gate makise kurisu kozaki yusuke long hair single tall image looking at viewer highres brown hair purple eyes absurdres scan legs ...
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Rintaro Kurisu and Mayuri
Steins;Gate – 20
Makise Kurisu || Steins;Gate
S ...
Out of everything that science fiction has to offer, my favorite aspect of it has always been time travel. My favorite books growing up as a child were the ...
Steins;Gate 0 Theory
Time Travel Compare & Contrast: Steins;Gate and Life is Strange
Kurisu and Rintarou _Steins:Gate. Find this Pin and more on |Psychological, Time Travel| Steins;gate ...
Steins;Gate anime - an anime about time travel, based on a visual novel
Kurisu in swimsuit. I wonder where she is... and why her tie's still on
More realistic style fanart of Kurisu Anime Chibi, Manga Anime, Anime Art, Illustration
S ...
Steins; Gate (2011) Review: Time Travel and Weirdness
Nice Words Sad Anime Quotes, Steins Gate 0, Gate Pictures, Anohana, Anime
Steins Gate: The Complete Series [Blu-ray]
Given last week's cliffhanger ending, I came into “Dual of Antinomy -Antinomic Dual-“ fully expecting Steins;Gate 0 to take a break from its expositional ...
Steins;Gate 0 Screenshot 4
Steins;Gate: A psychological thriller exploring the consequences of time travel : anime
Steins;Gate 0
The fact that a PS Vita port of the game was released also helped -- I mean, who doesn't love reading in bed? So, this past summer, this was basically me:
Steins;Gate 0
Steins Gate: Part 1 [Blu-ray]
Steins;Gate 0 (TV Series 2018– ) - Steins;Gate 0 (TV Series 2018– ) - User Reviews - IMDb
At the young age of seventeen, Kurisu Makise was a renowned genius, had already graduated from college, and was working on a theory of time travel.
STEINS;GATE 0_20161122110455
Suzuka Amane and Moeka Kiryuu Standoff
From then until near the mid-section of the show, the story begins to progress at a really fast and smooth pace. The plot starts to unfold bit by bit every ...
Steins;Gate ep. 2 review
Steins;Gate 0 comes out of its one-week break between Spring and Summer with authority, delivering a tantalizing blend of drama, tension, and purpose.
SanKuri by Shietsu
Credit to linked pixiv user
Steins;Gate 0. The cover art features a young man dressed in black, standing in the center,
But I don't ...
Mad Science and Love Meets Pop Culture: Steins;Gate
Steins;Gate 0
But I get it now; I finally understand the story that Steins;Gate 0 is trying to tell. It's just… weird.
High Functioning Maintenance- A Steins-gate FanFic by texruski94 on DeviantArt
Let's roll.
steins gate 0 header
Steins;Gate - PlayStation Vita
steinsgate-capture Steins;Gate 0 Mid-Season Review – The Battle to Stop
Isn't it kind of defeating the purpose of this series if they solve their problem with another message from the future telling them what to do next?
Tag: 5pb, Anime Style, nitroplus, Science Adventure, Science Fiction, Sony Playstation 4, Sony Playstation Vita, Time Travel, Visual Novel, Windows
... but decides to just focus on the act of time travel. That is Steins;Gate. So, how does it hold up? Sit back, relax, and read on as I review Steins;Gate.
Kurisu's AI Debut and How Everyone has Changed, Steins;Gate 0 Episode 2
Tag: 5pb, Anime Style, nitroplus, Science Adventure, Science Fiction, Sony Playstation 4, Sony Playstation Vita, Time Travel, Visual Novel, Windows
Maho while showing Okabe her id card: “That's my name, Maho Hiyajo. I'll say it to you now, because nobody's ever been able to read it right.
Steins;Gate String theory (Dr Who)
KURISU'S TIME LEAP MACHINE - Let's Play Steins;Gate ~ Part 33
A Night To Remember – 'Steins;Gate 0' Episode 22 Review
Maho and Kurisu's Past | Steins Gate 0 | Part 7
Kurisu's theories – and memories – being the key to everything, there's only one possible solution here no matter how Okabe resists it.
Time Travel Theories-Let's Play Steins;Gate Part 3
... text messages, even when face to face. Due to her incredible speed in typing on her cell phone, Okabe calls her Shining Finger, a reference to a special ...
Makise Kurisu download Makise Kurisu image
Picture a hot summer day, cicadas buzzing, and the bright sun shining through the window and onto the wood floor. The setting is a non-air conditioned ...
At any one time, a strand in this web might snap, as a contract falls through, or a deal isn't made, and as a result, something falls through the cracks.
Steins;Gate (PS3, Let's Play) | Operation Skuld | Part 60
Wow, what a start to the second cour! Steins;Gate 0 Episode 14 First Reaction and Summary
I love time travel stories. They are my favorite type of science fiction. But even in a world with Back to the Future and Star Trek IV, I'd still say the ...
Steins;Gate (PS3, Let's Play) | She Won't Stop Dying! | Part 34
Steins;Gate (PS3, Let's Play) | Suzuha Seduces Mister Braun | Part 31
Next episode is more of Makise's history, I suppose. I figure something new will happen in the last three minutes of Ep 22.
Steins;Gate 0 Trailer
She doesn't agree to assist Suzu because she's afraid she'll fail; she'll let everyone down where Kurisu wouldn't.
So after a long hiatus I am back to Steins; Gate with my sons.
It's a great character arc, and one that further continues in its sequel Steins;Gate 0.
... Makise with the lab coat ...
In an old beat up apartment Rintarou Okabe works on creating futuristic gadgets with his two lab members Mayuri Shiina and Itaru “Daru” Hashida as Future ...
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