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One of the most Iconic Mego Figures ever made, Captain James T Kirk
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Mego Museum on Twitter: "Mego Wave 2 Gallery update: TV Favorites: the Gorn from Star Trek #Mego #StarTrek #megomuseum https://t.co/1JvqC4pgV3… ...
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They weren't taking the figures out of the packaging at SDCC, but Mego provided us with some images of the figures without their boxes.
Loose Captain Kirk
The package is reminiscent of the vintage Megos hanging cards (though not Action Jackson as his vintage package was unique) but isn't really based on those ...
Mego Ivanhoe
... Argo-Knight: Gideon T-47 - Mego Micronauts Customized Action Figure (9
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#MMFTCNEWS http://mailchi.mp/43248b092cce/its-the-mego-newsletter-check-out-charlie-and?e=ce704b24aa …pic.twitter.com/5BR6ha1osw
Mego Planet of the Apes Dr. Zaius Figure Yellow Hair Variant (Complete) T-2 Body
MEGO - T/n Pēterupe
... Argo-Knight: Gideon T-47 - Mego Micronauts Customized Action Figure (7
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Mego T-1 Superman, more of a purplish outfit, skinny boots, cape and costume are very nice, except for two small pinholes on back of right leg., ...
8 inch Mego Star Trek Captain James T. Kirk action figure with removable fabric outfit. Visit ActionFigureKing.com for a full line of new and vintage ...
Bécs cover art Bécs cover art ...
The Mego Museum - It wouldn't be a Mego party without the Fonz now would it? Happy Days is another of Mego's TV Favourites included with this launch. ...
They weren't taking the figures out of the packaging at SDCC, but Mego provided us with some images of the figures without their boxes.
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Mego Planet of the Apes Action Figures Classic T-Shirt Front
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... 1970s-Space-Visitor-BATMAN-Mego-Wind-Up-Action-Figure-toy-MINT%2F302871101959%3Fhash%3Ditem4684864207%3Ag%3AzjkAAOSwISNbj4sh …pic.twitter.com/nyzoxLU3cF
Did I do a good job of convincing you that the Mego 12.5" line ROCKS, or did I scare you off with a couple of minor quibbles?
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Mego 8" Super-Heroes: World's Greatest Toys! by TwoMorrows Publishing - issuu
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Type "S" 40th anniversary Mego body
Five new Mego figures
... Argo-Knight: Gideon T-47 - Mego Micronauts Customized Action Figure (2
Mego Planet of the Apes Cornelius/Galen T-1 Green Ears (Complete) | #1812415883
It's hard to imagine a time before Mego. The company name isn't widely known to the general public today, nor is the name of its longtime leader, ...
DC Comics 8 Inch Action Figures With Mego-Like Retro Cards: Shazam [Blue
SDCC 2013 The Big Bang Theory Exclusive Sheldon MEGO Style Figure
For a company that hasn't existed for 30+ years to return in such dramatic fashion is really rather impressive. A lot can and probably has been said about ...
He's all Emce except for the Mego type 1 body and camera strap.
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When I was a kid, it seemed a natural fit to have Tarzan battle Lizard (Spidey's foe) since Mego didn't make Tarzan any villains. Thanks to "The Doll House ...
ROM Mego action figure (packaged)
1970s Mego Captain James T. Kirk 8" articulated action figure with cloth uniform based
4 of 6 Set Of 4 Sealed Mego Style Kiss S/t Lp Series 2 12" Figure
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#Mego #Micronauts Art by @KenKellyArt https://t.co/tSRN3KGazR… https://t .co/k0c8tvrW3z"
... a big nuclear explosion that destroyed itself, but it wasn't really,” explains Peter Rehberg when asked about his decision to reboot Mego as a slightly ...
Wilmer and Javier
I'm not holding out hope for a Nelvana or Brok Windsor anytime soon. At least Mego didn't name the figure “Pierre Poutine” or something else.
1979 Vintage Mego Style Alter-Ego Marvel Spiderman Peter Parker t-shirt
Robin wasn't actually part of the Teen Titan series from Mego. Notice how he stands a full one inch taller than the rest of his 7
SDCC18: First Wave Of 2018 Star Trek Mego Figures Revealed
Never did it for me. This is for sale on eBay, by the way
Mego made the 9.5 inch Robin doll to go with the 12 inch Batman. I don't have the 12 inch Batman yet, so I used the 12 inch Spidey as a stand ...
Mego also produced a line of collectible coin banks based on the popular World's Greatest Superhero Megos. Until recently most Mego collectors didn't even ...
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... during the '70s and it didn't have the official Universal monsters license then, either. What makes these new Mego monster figures different is that the ...
1974 Mego Star Trek Captain James T Kirk
DC Comics Mego Style Boxed 8 Inch Action Figures: Batgirl
Even if you don't know the name, you should be familiar with the figure. Mego was a pioneer amongst toy manufacturers for designing action figures based on ...
You don't need special glasses to see this custom Mego 3D Man figure.
I'm not sure if Mego decided that kids wouldn't care if this figure didn't look anything like Heston...or if Heston refused to allow his likeness for the ...
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I don't know if a different body on the MEGO frank will make him much taller, but those GI Joe boots sure won't help! I'd be interested in seeing a ...
MEGO CORP (Classic 8" - Classics / Target Exclusive): Frankenstein, Frankenstein's
As a Mego-style figure, we're mainly concerned here with the head sculpt and the outfit. Overall, I'm fairly happy with the head sculpt. I don't think she ...
New Trend Mego 8 Star Trek Captain Kirk Action Figure Man Wars Belt & Communicator Toy 5BS7QQ77
As much as I love "Lost," I will have to pass on this line of figures. They just don't appeal to me. I am hoping for better from their upcoming Mego " ...
The Mego Corporation was a toy company founded in 1954. Originally known as a purveyor of dime store toys, the company shifted direction in 1971 and became ...
Click to Enlarge, Cap't Astro Space Man Robot
This is a good priced entry level Mego can be found with the box below $100. The carded figure pictured below goes for a good amount more then its window ...
So Action Jackson really is the father of this movement because had he not flopped and Mego not been stuck with a lot of merchandise they didn't think they ...
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Brain That Wouldn't Die 8" Retro Mego Style Figure
... traveled to the 5th Dimension and slapped a smirk back on Mxy's face and trapped him in a window box package! It doesn't get much more Mego than that!
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World's Greatest Toys!
The Mego Joker. I had one for years. Then, for some reason, I didn't.
I don't have all of the Mad Monsters in every one of their packaging formats but I am obsessed with Frankenstein, so i grab every single thing I see that I ...
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DST have released a new image, which disappointingly doesn't show the arm implants included:
Special Purchase STAR TREK FIGURE Captain James T Kirk 1979 Mego 12 inch 12 quot;
... Argo-Knight: Gideon T-47 - Mego Micronauts Customized Action Figure (4