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The humble Spectrum was home to some remarkable games - including these underappreciated masterpieces.
The 30 Best Sinclair Spectrum Games Ever Made
Top 50 ZX Spectrum Games
Geek Dave looks back at 10 of the best ZX Spectrum Games from 1985.
ZX Spectrum – Top 25 Games
Not a great game this, in truth, but it makes it here for a slightly different reason. It rose to prominence after being included on a demo tape stuck to ...
As today he has teased a brand new ZX Spectrum game in development that is not a platformer or an adventure game, but a top down game called 'ORBITA'.
20 Games That Defined the ZX Spectrum
Play LOADS of ZX Spectrum Games in your browser for FREE #retro
Although I never played Exolon, hell I didn't even have a ZX Spectrum! Paul-J has just announced the release of Kyd Cadet 3, which is inspired by that very ...
ZX Spectrum Games Code Club: Twenty fun games to code and learn: Amazon.co.uk: Gary Plowman: 9780993474408: Books
The ZX Spectrum's 30th Birthday: 30 Greatest Spectrum Games
After previously releasing the excellent ZX Spectrum platformer 'Foggy's Quest to Narg and Back Again' and the BBC Micro and Electron horror 8bit adventure ...
The finest beard of the ZX Spectrum era belonged to Kevin Toms, who's best known for the Football Manager series. Toms also wrote a political strategy game, ...
The saboteur was quite athletic on the ZX Spectrum
There probably isn't a person amongst us that hasn't heard of the ZX Spectrum, an incredible 8-bit machine that was released here in the UK in 1982 by ...
The first ZX Spectrum 48K - a rubber-keyed magic box of joy
Go to Hell Walkthrough, ZX Spectrum
How the ZX Spectrum Helped the 1980s Become Video Gaming's Most Creative Decade - VICE
Sinclair ZX Spectrum is a hot issue the last few days and the famous computer system is exactly 35 years old! Youtube vlogger Joshhny Asaski made a special ...
Thus with today's news you'll soon be able to play a brilliant Castlevania game on your ZX Spectrum!
Book Review – A Guide to ZX Spectrum Games 1982 to 1984
... people who want to try something new when it comes to game development, so you can understand why I'm very much interested in Paul Weller's ZX Spectrum ...
As you can already guess, your mission is not going to be easy but well, someone has to do it and you are the one nominated for the job.
A ZX Spectrum Vega Plus V2 by Retro Computers Ltd
Sinclair ZX Spectrum Vega +
Bubble Bobble T-Shirt £20 I remember when this was my favourite game.
zx spectrum knightmare
In the first half of the 1980s Ultimate: Play The Game were consistently releasing must have Spectrum 48k titles (Atic Atac, Saber Wulf, Underwurlde to name ...
SINCLAIR ZX SPECTRUM T SHIRT S 2XL RETRO COMPUTER VINTAGE 80'S VIDEO GAMES Short Sleeves Cotton T Shirt Sleeve Harajuku Tops-in T-Shirts from Men's Clothing ...
ZX Spectrum Games Code Club: Twenty fun games to code and learn: Amazon.co.uk: Gary Plowman: 9780993474408: Books
The game is a platform adventure. You'll find items around the place and have to work out where to use them. There are 'Object Pads' scattered around and ...
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Spectrum Games
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Which Spectrum is best Spectrum?
You must find ten souls and three sacred objects to make a sacrifice and open the time gate, but beware there are some nasty beasts about that wont take ...
Back To The Future Walkthrough, ZX Spectrum
Skool Daze wasn't only a landmark game for the Spectrum - it encapsulated an era. Here was a snapshot of 80s school life, complete with a shaggy-haired ...
ZX Spectrum Games Code Club by Gary Plowman - review - Retro Games Collector
A Spectrum game running on the Vega, as displayed on a TV.
Top Ten ZX Spectrum Games ...
Penetrator on the ZX Spectrum
The game follows a pint-sized Batman scouring the perilous Batcave in search of parts for his sabotaged jet. The classic Batman TV theme rounds off the ...
A Sinclair ZX Spectrum computer Console
ZX Spectrum to Receive The Ooze Homebrew
Sinclair Spectrum Vega
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ZX Spectrum: Celebrating 35 Years with eight of the greatest games | Stuff.co.nz
A full length documentary feature film taking a detailed look at the ZX Spectrum, its
The Sinclair ZX Spectrum Vega Plus' Indiegogo campaign is a serious mess
During the early eighties on my first computer the ZX Spectrum games were, to begin with, not on CD, DVD, Hard disk or Rom Cartridge, they were loaded into ...
Recreated ZX Spectrum on the App Store
Attention Gamers (Of A Certain Age) – The Spectrum Is Set For A Comeback
A Guide to ZX Spectrum games - 1982 to 1984 (Retro-Spective Books): Amazon.co.uk: Shaun McClure, Hilary Wells: 9781522090755: Books
The ZX Spectrum had no shortage of quality platform games in truth, but it's generally Manic Miner and Jet Set Willy, both grounded in wonderful insanity, ...
Licence to Kill Walkthrough, ZX Spectrum
The fate of thousands of worlds is in your hands, as a result of the project Harbinger you must embark on an epic sci-fi adventure to save millions of lives ...
Don't Buy This: Five of the Worst Games Ever (ZX Spectrum)
If you're old enough to remember the crackling loading screens of the ZX Spectrum, take off your trousers and put a towel down, because you can now play its ...
The local flora and fauna look nice, but aren't very welcoming.
An awesome platform/maze budget title from Mastertronic, in Finders Keepers Magic Knight has been sent to the Castle of Spriteland by the King of Ibsisima ...
Rex is kind if a hybrid dinosaur mercenary. Which is awesome, because there aren't enough games where you play as a gun-toting dinosaur mercenary.
It was a good job Gamertroll acted swiftly on his friendly tipoff too, because a mere 36 hours later the campaign was way over 100% funded with every ...
How to Buy and Use a ZX Spectrum in America: A Primer from Across the Pond | Retronauts
The Sound of 1-bit: Technical Constraint and Musical Creativity on the 48k Sinclair ZX Spectrum
Top 10 Spectrum Games. ZX Spectrum
So for now, here is a picture of CKD, to keep your appetite whetted until more details come out on the new game.
Sinclair Zx Spectrum Mens Retro 80 s Video Game T by Gabriel Ness | Spreadshirt
A View to a Kill, 1985, Part 2 - City Hall (Domark, ZX Spectrum)
Sinclair 48K Zx Spectrum 0S – Computer Games T-Shirt
Sinclair ZX Spectrum +2
Sinclair ZX Spectrum T-shirt
zx spectrum star wreck
ZX Spectrum Commando
Back to Skool was released by Microsphere in 1985. It was programmed by David S. Reidy and Keith Warrington. It was a sequel to the very popular Skool Daze ...