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The badass general had a badass childhood.
Gregorio del Pilar was NOT the youngest general in Aguinaldo's army.
RIGHT: Dolores Nable Jose, the last love of del Pilar (Source: “General Gregorio H. Del Pilar: ...
General Gregorio del Pilar (third from left) headed the four-member Filipino peace commission who tried but failed to negotiate an armistice with U.S. First ...
Whatever happened to General Gregorio del Pilar's remains?
Capt. Isidro Wenceslao, one of the seven musketeers of Pitpitan. Source: “General Gregorio H. Del Pilar: Idol of the Revolution” by Isaac C. Cruz
General Gregorio del Pilar and his troops in Pampanga, around 1898 (Philippine-American War). Source: Wikimedia Commons.
11 Things You Never Knew About Gregorio Del Pilar
Gregorio Del Pilar, one of the youngest generals during the 1896 Philippine Revolution against Spain, was born in Bulacan, Bulacan on November 14, 1875
Gregorio del Pilar.
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During the Philippine-American War, the Igorots — hardy mountaineers from the Cordilleras of northern Luzon island—sent a contingent of men to fight the ...
Last Words Of: Antonio Luna, famous Filipino general in the Philippine-American War.
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The “Boy General” Gregorio del Pilar—one of the youngest generals of the Philippine Revolution—was born in Bulacan on November 14, 1875.
Isabelo del Rosario. 5 Young Pinoy Heroes Who Did Amazing Things Nobody Talks About:
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gregorio del pilar last word
bagyong-goyong: “ Gregorio del Pilar: “Pag-ibig ay siyang unang
A nephew of the great propagandist Marcelo H. del Pilar, he was known as the “Boy General” due to his young age, being only 24 years old when he died.
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Gregorio del Pilar Gregorio Del Pilar, Facts About, Interesting Facts, You Never Know
THE SECOND PHILIPPINE PEACE COMMITEE [May 22, 1899] (Captain Lorenzo Zialcita, Alberto Barretto, GENERAL GREGORIO DEL PILAR, and Gracio Gonzaga.
General Manuel Tinio (seated, center), General Benito Natividad (seated, 2nd from right), Lt. Col. Jose Alejandrino (seated, 2nd from left) and their ...
Gregorio del Pilar
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Jesus Gonzales, The Filipino Boy Who Became A WWII Hero At 11 Years Old:
Grabbed from Rodj Tulang FB post.
Colorid photo of Dr. Jose Rizal, Marcelo Del Pilar and Mariano Ponce.
Antonio Luna Regarded as one of the fiercest generals of his time, he succeeded Artemio Ricarte as Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces of the Philippines.
Marcelo H. del Pilar, founder of Diariong Tagalog (1882) and a prominent editor of La Solidaridad (1889), del Pilar was one of the more important ...
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LEFT: Pvt. William W. Grayson in 1899. RIGHT: Grayson in firing position on the spot where he fired the first shot of the Fil-Am War.
As early as 1954, Filipino engineer and physicist Gregorio Y. Zara (March 8, 1902 - October 15, 1978) produced a two-way TV-telephone, ...
9. Jose Rizal Disliked The Chinese.
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Gen. Jose Alejandrino | Heneral Luna in 2018 | Pinterest | Philippines, History and Military
Capt. Delfin Velilla Source: “Gregorio H. Del Pilar: ...
The WWII Japanese Officer Who Became An Unlikely Philippine Hero: http://www
Last Words Of: Jose Abad Santos, fifth Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the Philippines.
A group picture with Jose Rizal in Madrid. Beside Rizal is Marcelo H. Del Pilar. (bayaniart.com)
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Pin by Jethro Pili on Adios Patria Adorada | Pinterest | Gregorio del pilar and American war
The Battle of Tirad Pass, also referred to as the "Philippine Thermopylae",
A Tale Of Two Presidents: Did Nixon Approve Marcos' Martial Law? http:
Source: “Tragedy of the Revolution” by Adrian Cristobal (Studio 5 Publishing)
Emilio Aguinaldo + crocodile hunter + shocking facts about Philippine Presidents
Former Manila Mayor Ramon Bagatsing... The Incorruptible.#pinoy #trivia # filipiknow #philippines #history
Gregorio del Pilar, youngest general Filipino, Military History, Amazing, Film, Philippines
Meet The Legendary Filipino Basketball Team Who Defeated China in Asian Olympics
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3. Jose Rizal was a naughty boy in the famous “Moth and Lamp” story.
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General Emilio Aguinaldo. Líder independentista filipino.
La Ilustración Española y Americana. Immediate source: Scanned and cropped from page 5 of journal Sulyap Kultura (Vol. 1, No. 2, 1996), published by the ...
Dominador Gomez. Mula sa Bayang Magiliw ng Adarna.
Why was “Babuyan Islands” named as such? Here's the answer: http:
On August 20, 1572, Miguel López de Legazpi, the first Governor-General
emilio aguinaldo - Google Search Philippine Army, The Spanish American War, Filipiniana, Pinoy
Photo of Asedillo after he was killed in 1935. Via teodoroasedillo.blogspot.com
Ferdinand Marcos wasn't the first to proclaim the Martial Law.
Do you know the Grand Old Man of Philippine Politics? It is none other than
It's about time to unmask this forgotten Filipino hero.
Source: Inquirer.net
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Apolinario Mabini sits outside his tent in Guam 1902
Manuel Quezon in his rayadillo uniform, Photo taken during the Philippine American War 1899-1902. Quezon was said to have been the aide-de-camp of Gen.
10. Lieutenant Garcia was a real person.
General Miguel Malvar. Photo Credit: Zarah Escueta/It's Xiao Time!
... Yay also stood out because of the incredible journey she took to become a female icon of Philippines' guerrilla movement. #FilipiKnow #Heroes #Filipina ...
Why do Filipinos call it “pula ng itlog” when the color of the egg
Joven Hernando played by Aaron Villaflor
1. Pedro Paterno.
Photo Credit: Isagani Medina/It's Xiao Time!
Ninoy Aquino with bogus wound in mouth Rare Historical Photos, History Facts, Random Facts
Officers Uniform, 1899
Valeriano Ibañez Abello flag semaphore
Gregorio del Pilar in Heneral Luna
Lt. Delfin C. Rosales
Young Cory Aquino as a student in United States. SEE MORE: http:/